Barter, or trade, is now reemerging as a possible solution to problems business owners are facing. Barter is an alternative currency in which you use your goods and services as a form of payment. Bartering predates any modern form of currency and is back on the rise!

Many of the world’s largest companies are already involved in bartering at some level. According to a recent study by Business Barter Unlimited (a large network with over 10,000 member businesses), more than 65 percent of the corporations listed in the New York Stock Exchange are presently using barter to reduce surplus inventory, boost sales, and ensure that production facilities run at near capacity.

Barter is not just for corporations. Individuals can also use barter to get what they want, either by trading directly or through a trade club.


No Cash? No Problem! is not a theoretical book about the promise or potential of barter. This practical, easy-to-read guide walks you step by step not only through what the barter process is and how it works, but through 18 detailed case studies of how barter expert, the late Dave Wagenvoord orchestrated real trade deals with some of America’s leading corporations.

Endorsed by two of the greatest names in marketing history, Jay Abraham and Jay Conrad Levinson, No Cash? No Problem! will equip you to do your first trade before you even finish the book.


Ali Pervez is one of America’s leading marketing educators, with over 25 years of hands-on, practical global marketing experience. He is the bestselling author of Get Your Black Belt in Marketing ( He holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in science and an MBA with a distinction project in marketing. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, he is a much-sought-after international marketing consultant.

The late Dave Wagenvoord was the president of Wagenvoord Advertising Group, Inc. (WAGI), owner of several radio stations, and was considered to be one of the greatest barter experts in the world today. He personally bartered at least half a billion dollars’ worth of goods and services, including exotic travel, capital goods and equipment, luxury cars, electronics, homes and condominiums, and even entire businesses. His clients have included a majority of the Fortune 500 companies, including DHL, Chrysler, Avis, TWA, Carl’s Jr., and Turner Broadcasting.

Publisher:  Morgan James, New York
ISBN:        978-1-61448-361-8